Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips

Though Spring is still not upon us, it is never too early to expend the mental energy to clean. I am someone that has to be in the mood to clean, and believe me, that mood doesn't hit often. :) Here are some tips and tricks to help beat the winter blues and get a jumpstart on Spring cleaning!

  • Figure out what clothes you actually wear. It is time to get rid of the t-shirt from tenth grade that hasn't fit since freshman year of college. Clean. Out. The. Closet.
  • If you pick something up, put it back where you got it. The simple rule of cleanliness that is oftentimes seems like absolute hardest.
  • Look at the things you have! Oftentimes, we buy, buy, buy and never actually need or discard. Start donating something every time you buy something new. Not only this help with your budget, but it will help make sure that you don't have unnecessary clutter.
Good luck with cleaning, my friends!

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