Wednesday, May 3, 2017

All Aboard the Wicker Train!!

Okay, Mother Nature. We need to have a conversation. Can we stop with these beautiful day teases?! I just want to set up my back patio and finally get in the Spring/Summer mood!! Is that too much to ask?

I'm sure everyone who lives in a state that gets all 4 seasons is feeling the same way. SO why not resort to blogging and just talk about what we are excited about lol. Ive been seeing tons of wicker-esk things going on lately and I'm loving it. It's funny though, growing up I thought wicker was like super cheap stuff and we just had it because they sold it at Walmart. Boy was I wrong. It's an amazing material that gives off the perfect texture vibe in any space. Yes, some wicker stuff is CHEAP, but other items are classic and beautiful.

I've shared some wicker patio furniture before but I'm here to talk about everythinggg wicker and share some good finds.

I love the idea of these wicker/bamboo pendants. They may be a trend but I still love the idea... it gives the room some character! Here are some great examples -
Wayfair - $165.99 but currently sold out :(

Wayfair - $216.99

World Market - $69.99!!!

Now here are just other amazing wicker items that look so great incorporated in large or smaller space! PS really crushing on wicker stools currently too :)

World Market - $179.99

Target - $129 (also has cute matching foot stool!)

Target - $279 for 2

Anthropologie - $1800 for a queen but DREAMS

Anthropologie - $98!

Wayfair - $72.99 + comes in 3 other colors!!

I could go on and on here but I'll stop. Everything above is either Wicker or Rattan -- pretty much the same type of thing. I just love the beachy look they all give. If you're unsure about this stuff, start small with some indoor/outdoor lanterns or maybe a few wicker table chargers! Keep an eye on sales too -- we all know some of the Target stuff is bound to hit a sale!! 

Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wallpaper Done Right!

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. The Simons family sure did! It was actually nice to be outside for a bit Sunday, I sometimes forget what sunshine feels like... I sadly didn't have much Easter decor to take down this week. I have a hard time splurging on decor items that can only be seen for like a 2 week span. Maybe I'll plan a little bit ahead for next year.

Well, today, I want to talk wallpaper!! I was just bopping around Bloglovin and came across this adorable bathroom makeover and totally fell in love with the look of the wallpaper. Here are the before and afters from Apartment Therapy -

Like how amazing!!!! I think I'd probably sleep in the bathroom. Well the adorable paisley-esk wallpaper has totally inspired me and has me looking into wallpaper now. Not like I need to currently take on a wallpaper project but I have heard its not crazy difficult to put up! I've listed a few below, some are great for full room and other more so for partial room.

Full Wall

Top left: Serena & Lily - on sale $39.99
Top right: Anthropologie - $88
Bottom left: Wayfair - $1.30 sq/ft
Bottom right: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $44

I love the yellows for some reason! But I'm not crazy daring when it comes to big commitments like wallpaper so I would definitely need some neutral tones throughout to make sure the room was light enough. I love the top left one from Serena & Lily! It would be super cute in a bathroom or even a study! 

Partial Wall

Top left: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $48
Top right: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $48
Bottom left: Wayfair - $1.27 sq/ft
Bottom right: Wayfair - $0.59!!!

How amazing are the botanical ones?! I'm in love!! Like I said, I'm not as daring to put these in an entire room but they would look amazing as an accent wall or even above a chair rail. Blue and green hues are really in this season, so why not try something a tad daring. And all the ones Walls Need Love are ADHESIVE! That means sticky back and easy to remove! Ahhhmazing!

So, here are a few pictures of wallpaper done right! For more inspo keep an eye on my Pinterest :)

Ahh, I'm just obsessed currently!! Love them all! Love the idea too of using wallpaper instead of tile backsplash. Might not withstand as much but you can always change the wallpaper :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Hopefully you're blessed with some sunshine :)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magnolia Obsession!

I need to officially confirm my obsession with Joanna & Chip Gaines and Magnolia!! I'll watch 5 Fixer Upper re run episodes and not think twice about it. I just love how they operate and I love her sense of style. Some design things she does I think is alittle too antique for me but 90% of the time I'm in love!

Have you read their book - The Magnolia Story yet? You must!!! It's too cute, like really cute! You find out bits and pieces about them and just makes you love them even more (especially Chip!). So today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite designs of hers and then show off my first collage board!!

Some of these are older episodes and others are newer! But if you want to relive them and see other photos check out their gallery on!

LOVE the white with the black

This is my all time favorite thing they've done!! Double island. #dreams


I just love what she does. I'm a huge fan of reworking wood floors to give them a pattern, and she just slays the game every single time! I love how they have the design focus little spin off going on now. Not like I'll ever be her, but hey I can at least take her advice and pretend 🙌

Since I just cant get away from the whole kitchen obsession (obviously by the pictures above) I've put together a few cute things I'm dreaming of for my space. PS obsessed with round tables recently. Even Emily Henderson is too - she just made this awesome table guide!

Fixxer Upper Style kitchen

Everyone have a lovely weekend! Get out and enjoy the weather if it'll be nice where you live!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Designing a Coffee Table

The coffee table in our house is the spot that collects everything. I'm talking dust, food particles, stray napkins, maybe some dog hair... The list goes on and on. I swear it's the most used piece of furniture in our house!! What gets me sometimes about decorating the coffee table is that people can get out of hand and there ends up being no room to put anything on the table! Please, please please, stop over decorating your coffee table. I see pictures on Pinterest sometimes and I can't help but laugh. That wouldn't last a second in my home before the stuff got moved to a side table or worse... the floor.

I wanted to discuss how I design a coffee table in my home and offer some tips you can maybe take into your home!

1. Know the size of your coffee table

Doesn't need to be exact, but just know roughly length and width of it so when you go to Marshalls and see that amazing tray calling your name (Nat, Nat come buy meee, Nat, bring me hoooome!) you know if it actually fits.
From Wayfair

2. Three candles max

I know this is HARD! Especially when you get home from a Bath & Body Works sale and you've got 4 new candle scents you can't wait to light fire too! Everything looks good in odd numbers, we know that. So stick to 3 at most. 1 if you can realllly control yourself.

From Pinterest

3. Repurpose old magazines

I love using old magazines, especially the thicker ones. I love to stack them and put a nice bowl or a flower arrangement on top of them! I mean you have them so why not utilize them. The trend right now is stacking colorful books on the coffee table (be careful, some of these tables have no space!!!😡). Here's the deal on that. If the book costs more than $15 is it seriously worth it? I can't get myself to give in. I'll just continue buying ($5) and stealing old mags from my mom. But if I do find a cute one at Marshalls and it's a pay week, I might give in.

From Pinterest

4. It takes time to find small trinkets

I was looking forever to find small trinkets to put in a set of 3 hexagon wall hangings. I went to Target, Marshalls, Pier One, TJ Maxx, Target... every store. And it look me about a month to find what I was looking for. So don't fold and get something you're not in love with. Wait it out and over time design your table how you intended. I will say I am loving the geode trend!!! I need to get an arrangement of different sizes but loving them all right now! It's literally taken over the internet for weddings too.

From Pinterest

5. Not joking - buy a new coffee table

This may sound crazy, but sometimes you've just been living with your hammy down coffee table for so long that you really can't stand the sight of it anymore. A new table can do wonders for your space. And by doing that, I'm sure it'll brighten your mood! Wait for a good sale at Target and spend the $50 for a small update. You can design something all you want but if the crux of the item is dead in the water, you'll never be happy thus buying insane amounts of trinkets you don't need.
Obviously from Target

I know these aren't ground breaking insights but hopefully you can take something to use in your home!! The weather is finally get a bit warmer so I'm looking forward to doing a few updates maybe slap some paint somewhere too (if I'm feeling crazy)!! Let me know what little updates you're doing this season :)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Home Update: Cheap Options!

I think every Spring (well every nice weekend day) I get inspired to do some decorating and reorganizing. This obviously leads to a Target, Marshalls, Pier 1 or mall visit. Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite part of the weekend but sometimes you can't find what you're looking for and frustration sets in!!

For example, I've been wanting to get something to put on our large fireplace. We really need to build a mantle, I think that's what is missing, but right now I'm looking for something cute to hang. I bought the cutest wall hanging from Target this weekend (I bought the white version). It just didn't end up being a cohesive piece in the living room.
But don't worry, I'll find a nice home for it :) It was only $19.99! And the white one was the only one at the Target near me had so I feel like it was meant to be. I also picked up this cute 3 mirror set
I bought these for an accent wall in a bedroom. They were only $25 and were the perfect colored wood for the room. I will say hanging 3 mirrors was no easy task! Also $25 might seem a bit steep for accent mirrors but any other type of mirror would be well over $50. I will never understand why they are so expensive...

Well, if you are looking for a small, cute spring update to a few rooms here are a few cute things I've come across! 

World Market - $14.99

H&M Woven Basket - $17.99

H&M Pillow (comes in 4 colors!) - $5.99

H&M Pillow (comes in 5(!!) colors) - $5.99

ADORABLE Target Vase Filler - $9.99

Target Book Ends- $19.99

Target Faux Succulent - $7.99

I just love them all!! I love those little woven baskets. Might be something cute to add to the back patio (eventually). I know these types of things add up so look for coupons! I looove getting my succulent type things at Michaels. They always have coupons (and the best section of florals and greenery).

Everyone have a great weekend! I have family coming into town this weekend, we've got some dinner and much needed drinks planned so I'll check back to the blog mid next week!