Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Designing a Coffee Table

The coffee table in our house is the spot that collects everything. I'm talking dust, food particles, stray napkins, maybe some dog hair... The list goes on and on. I swear it's the most used piece of furniture in our house!! What gets me sometimes about decorating the coffee table is that people can get out of hand and there ends up being no room to put anything on the table! Please, please please, stop over decorating your coffee table. I see pictures on Pinterest sometimes and I can't help but laugh. That wouldn't last a second in my home before the stuff got moved to a side table or worse... the floor.

I wanted to discuss how I design a coffee table in my home and offer some tips you can maybe take into your home!

1. Know the size of your coffee table

Doesn't need to be exact, but just know roughly length and width of it so when you go to Marshalls and see that amazing tray calling your name (Nat, Nat come buy meee, Nat, bring me hoooome!) you know if it actually fits.
From Wayfair

2. Three candles max

I know this is HARD! Especially when you get home from a Bath & Body Works sale and you've got 4 new candle scents you can't wait to light fire too! Everything looks good in odd numbers, we know that. So stick to 3 at most. 1 if you can realllly control yourself.

From Pinterest

3. Repurpose old magazines

I love using old magazines, especially the thicker ones. I love to stack them and put a nice bowl or a flower arrangement on top of them! I mean you have them so why not utilize them. The trend right now is stacking colorful books on the coffee table (be careful, some of these tables have no space!!!😡). Here's the deal on that. If the book costs more than $15 is it seriously worth it? I can't get myself to give in. I'll just continue buying ($5) and stealing old mags from my mom. But if I do find a cute one at Marshalls and it's a pay week, I might give in.

From Pinterest

4. It takes time to find small trinkets

I was looking forever to find small trinkets to put in a set of 3 hexagon wall hangings. I went to Target, Marshalls, Pier One, TJ Maxx, Target... every store. And it look me about a month to find what I was looking for. So don't fold and get something you're not in love with. Wait it out and over time design your table how you intended. I will say I am loving the geode trend!!! I need to get an arrangement of different sizes but loving them all right now! It's literally taken over the internet for weddings too.

From Pinterest

5. Not joking - buy a new coffee table

This may sound crazy, but sometimes you've just been living with your hammy down coffee table for so long that you really can't stand the sight of it anymore. A new table can do wonders for your space. And by doing that, I'm sure it'll brighten your mood! Wait for a good sale at Target and spend the $50 for a small update. You can design something all you want but if the crux of the item is dead in the water, you'll never be happy thus buying insane amounts of trinkets you don't need.
Obviously from Target

I know these aren't ground breaking insights but hopefully you can take something to use in your home!! The weather is finally get a bit warmer so I'm looking forward to doing a few updates maybe slap some paint somewhere too (if I'm feeling crazy)!! Let me know what little updates you're doing this season :)

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