Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magnolia Obsession!

I need to officially confirm my obsession with Joanna & Chip Gaines and Magnolia!! I'll watch 5 Fixer Upper re run episodes and not think twice about it. I just love how they operate and I love her sense of style. Some design things she does I think is alittle too antique for me but 90% of the time I'm in love!

Have you read their book - The Magnolia Story yet? You must!!! It's too cute, like really cute! You find out bits and pieces about them and just makes you love them even more (especially Chip!). So today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite designs of hers and then show off my first collage board!!

Some of these are older episodes and others are newer! But if you want to relive them and see other photos check out their gallery on!

LOVE the white with the black

This is my all time favorite thing they've done!! Double island. #dreams


I just love what she does. I'm a huge fan of reworking wood floors to give them a pattern, and she just slays the game every single time! I love how they have the design focus little spin off going on now. Not like I'll ever be her, but hey I can at least take her advice and pretend 🙌

Since I just cant get away from the whole kitchen obsession (obviously by the pictures above) I've put together a few cute things I'm dreaming of for my space. PS obsessed with round tables recently. Even Emily Henderson is too - she just made this awesome table guide!

Fixxer Upper Style kitchen

Everyone have a lovely weekend! Get out and enjoy the weather if it'll be nice where you live!!

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