Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello and Welcome!

After much cajoling from friends and family, I have decided to join the blogging world! Let me introduce myself quickly before starting today's post.

My name is Nat Simons. Similar to many other bloggers, this will be my hobby, so I apologize in advance for the irregular blogging schedule. This blog will primarily be about home decor. I will be providing tips and tricks to make your house or apartment as wonderfully decorated as possibly without breaking the bank. Let's start!

Since the holiday season is just beginning (how is it already November?!), let's talk about setting the perfect Thanksgiving table. If you are like me, Thanksgiving is the holiday that requires the best tablescape since that is where your family spends all their time! It needs to be elegant, but not take up the whole table (there are plates to fill with food, people!) Below, please see some of the best tablescapes that Pinterest has to offer! :) 

Sometimes simple is the best approach. By having candles (or better yet, battery operated candles) lining the table, the effect is a subdued elegance. Adding greenery scattered alongside the candles adds more depth to the tablescape. Though it is added here in this picture, these candles could stand along and still have a startling effect.

This tablescape is a bit daunting, even for a home decor enthusiast like myself. Through trials and tribulations, though, this tablescape provides a stunning center piece for the best holiday of the year (just me?).  By introducing statement pieces at varying heights, it keeps this table design from becoming too crowded and congested. Whereas the first tablescape I showcased is simple, this is a more complex design, and one hopefully created by things found in the house! This is another instance where battery operated candles (less of a chance for fire and wax drippings!) would work to finish this tablescape. As you can see above, there are many items on this table, but they don't extend past the center of the table. Ample room for food-laden plates. :)

I hope you all enjoyed my first post! Happy first of November! 

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