Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One Day...

One day I will have a house like this and be able to decorate it as such!! As I sit in my apartment that is approximately 10x12, I dream of the day that I can have a house that allows for beautiful and elegant decorations. Below, see the houses that inspire me to wake up and go to work everyday like an adult. Enjoy! :) 

Lauren, from the Blesser House, has a house that I crave. It combines the classic and the rustic, for a beautiful result. Check out some photos below!

Can we talk about those shutters?! I love this house. It's gorgeous, hands down. 

Let's just say, if I had Karie Anne's from Thistle Wood Farm's laundry room, I would be much more apt to do laundry! The simple elegance of this house is amazing and lends itself to one gorgeous house. 

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