Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Home Update: Cheap Options!

I think every Spring (well every nice weekend day) I get inspired to do some decorating and reorganizing. This obviously leads to a Target, Marshalls, Pier 1 or mall visit. Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite part of the weekend but sometimes you can't find what you're looking for and frustration sets in!!

For example, I've been wanting to get something to put on our large fireplace. We really need to build a mantle, I think that's what is missing, but right now I'm looking for something cute to hang. I bought the cutest wall hanging from Target this weekend (I bought the white version). It just didn't end up being a cohesive piece in the living room.
But don't worry, I'll find a nice home for it :) It was only $19.99! And the white one was the only one at the Target near me had so I feel like it was meant to be. I also picked up this cute 3 mirror set
I bought these for an accent wall in a bedroom. They were only $25 and were the perfect colored wood for the room. I will say hanging 3 mirrors was no easy task! Also $25 might seem a bit steep for accent mirrors but any other type of mirror would be well over $50. I will never understand why they are so expensive...

Well, if you are looking for a small, cute spring update to a few rooms here are a few cute things I've come across! 

World Market - $14.99

H&M Woven Basket - $17.99

H&M Pillow (comes in 4 colors!) - $5.99

H&M Pillow (comes in 5(!!) colors) - $5.99

ADORABLE Target Vase Filler - $9.99

Target Book Ends- $19.99

Target Faux Succulent - $7.99

I just love them all!! I love those little woven baskets. Might be something cute to add to the back patio (eventually). I know these types of things add up so look for coupons! I looove getting my succulent type things at Michaels. They always have coupons (and the best section of florals and greenery).

Everyone have a great weekend! I have family coming into town this weekend, we've got some dinner and much needed drinks planned so I'll check back to the blog mid next week!

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