Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wallpaper Done Right!

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. The Simons family sure did! It was actually nice to be outside for a bit Sunday, I sometimes forget what sunshine feels like... I sadly didn't have much Easter decor to take down this week. I have a hard time splurging on decor items that can only be seen for like a 2 week span. Maybe I'll plan a little bit ahead for next year.

Well, today, I want to talk wallpaper!! I was just bopping around Bloglovin and came across this adorable bathroom makeover and totally fell in love with the look of the wallpaper. Here are the before and afters from Apartment Therapy -

Like how amazing!!!! I think I'd probably sleep in the bathroom. Well the adorable paisley-esk wallpaper has totally inspired me and has me looking into wallpaper now. Not like I need to currently take on a wallpaper project but I have heard its not crazy difficult to put up! I've listed a few below, some are great for full room and other more so for partial room.

Full Wall

Top left: Serena & Lily - on sale $39.99
Top right: Anthropologie - $88
Bottom left: Wayfair - $1.30 sq/ft
Bottom right: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $44

I love the yellows for some reason! But I'm not crazy daring when it comes to big commitments like wallpaper so I would definitely need some neutral tones throughout to make sure the room was light enough. I love the top left one from Serena & Lily! It would be super cute in a bathroom or even a study! 

Partial Wall

Top left: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $48
Top right: Walls Need Love - 2x4 - $48
Bottom left: Wayfair - $1.27 sq/ft
Bottom right: Wayfair - $0.59!!!

How amazing are the botanical ones?! I'm in love!! Like I said, I'm not as daring to put these in an entire room but they would look amazing as an accent wall or even above a chair rail. Blue and green hues are really in this season, so why not try something a tad daring. And all the ones Walls Need Love are ADHESIVE! That means sticky back and easy to remove! Ahhhmazing!

So, here are a few pictures of wallpaper done right! For more inspo keep an eye on my Pinterest :)

Ahh, I'm just obsessed currently!! Love them all! Love the idea too of using wallpaper instead of tile backsplash. Might not withstand as much but you can always change the wallpaper :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Hopefully you're blessed with some sunshine :)

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  1. Wallpaper Is awesome! I love how they have used it on the ceiling, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)