Wednesday, May 3, 2017

All Aboard the Wicker Train!!

Okay, Mother Nature. We need to have a conversation. Can we stop with these beautiful day teases?! I just want to set up my back patio and finally get in the Spring/Summer mood!! Is that too much to ask?

I'm sure everyone who lives in a state that gets all 4 seasons is feeling the same way. SO why not resort to blogging and just talk about what we are excited about lol. Ive been seeing tons of wicker-esk things going on lately and I'm loving it. It's funny though, growing up I thought wicker was like super cheap stuff and we just had it because they sold it at Walmart. Boy was I wrong. It's an amazing material that gives off the perfect texture vibe in any space. Yes, some wicker stuff is CHEAP, but other items are classic and beautiful.

I've shared some wicker patio furniture before but I'm here to talk about everythinggg wicker and share some good finds.

I love the idea of these wicker/bamboo pendants. They may be a trend but I still love the idea... it gives the room some character! Here are some great examples -
Wayfair - $165.99 but currently sold out :(

Wayfair - $216.99

World Market - $69.99!!!

Now here are just other amazing wicker items that look so great incorporated in large or smaller space! PS really crushing on wicker stools currently too :)

World Market - $179.99

Target - $129 (also has cute matching foot stool!)

Target - $279 for 2

Anthropologie - $1800 for a queen but DREAMS

Anthropologie - $98!

Wayfair - $72.99 + comes in 3 other colors!!

I could go on and on here but I'll stop. Everything above is either Wicker or Rattan -- pretty much the same type of thing. I just love the beachy look they all give. If you're unsure about this stuff, start small with some indoor/outdoor lanterns or maybe a few wicker table chargers! Keep an eye on sales too -- we all know some of the Target stuff is bound to hit a sale!! 

Enjoy :)

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